Tuesday, August 10, 2010

May 2010

Due to technical difficulties, just posting text on behalf of the Walker family.

Thank you

To all of our dear supporters we want to express our deep appreciation for all of the encouraging emails we received. It is amazing what words of encouragement spoken in love can do. It has been a great reminder to us. Just like the seasons of the year there are seasons to life. Sometimes those seasons can be extreme; extreme to the point where it takes everything within you to survive. We are thankful that when we as believers face these seasons that
God’s grace, love, and love displayed through our brothers and sister in Christ are able to give us the strength and peace to stand and thrive. We love and appreciate each of you. We know many of you spoke to Father on our behalf as well as stood in the Gap and fought spiritual battles for us. We are here to report not only are we standing but we are moving forward; thanks to our Father and all of you. We also deeply appreciate those of you who have contributed extra in your support. It was greatly needed and greatly appreciated. We are still not where we should be
in financial support but it has been amazing to look at our finances and wonder how are we making it. Then we remember who we serve and it all makes sense.

Busy time of Easter Conference, Missionary
training, Annual General meeting, Joining Hands

March to May we had back to back conferences. We had
our three and half day Easter conference for all our mission
churches in our region, Missionary training conference for
all WTAB missionaries, Annual General meeting for mission
organization, Joining Hands conference in which all
evangelical ministry organizations are invited to come. All of
these events were happening back to back for each one I,
Michael was asked or recruited to be the main speaker,
lecturer, or one of the main facilitators. In essence what this
meant is that I would be speaking or teaching around
twenty-two to twenty-five times. All of this was happening
during the plateau of our struggles here in Botswana. When
all of these requests came in, I was dead set on declining,
but then the Lord in His graciousness said to me “Michael,
this is not about you. Focus on me and not your so-called
problems. Commit your works to me and I will establish your
plan and sustain you”. Words of a loving Father. So, I
changed my attitude and got busy preparing. Of course
most of you know that if I get recruited I will try my best to
recruit my wife to lead worship or at least do special music.
Don’t worry she loves me. She has to because the Bible
says so. The amazing thing about all of this every event/
conference went great. It was extremely exhausting but
glorifying to our Father and healing to my and my wife’s
soul. It was the perfect medicine needed to refocus our

Fabulous 20th Wedding Anniversary

Needless to say even though all of those events helped us to regain our focus
they also left Heather and I utterly exhausted with a need to get away and rest
for a bit. The timing of this was perfect because once all of these events were
finished the next week was our 20th wedding anniversary. A perfect time and
reason for us to get away but in order for this to happen we needed a miracle
because our finances were low and we would need someone to watch our
kids. Ok, here is the “Da” the moment, the moment when God reminds us
even more who He is and what He is capable of doing. Towards the end of all
of these events some fellow missionaries suggested we go to Capetown for
our anniversary. We told them that we have wanted to do that since we have
been in Botswana for over six years and have never been as the cost has
always been a factor. This is when our Heavenly Father showed us why is
known as Provider. Even though he did not have to do it, He gave us a “rose”.
These missionary friends told us that if we could get to Capetown they could
arrange lodging and a vehicle for us because some of their family and
supporters live in Captetown. Once, they began to help us arrange things
even they were amazed at what would transpire. To make a long but fun story
short here is the gist of what came into being: We were able to get special
round trip flights to Capetown for both of us for a total of $398. Once we
arrived there the parents of those missionaries were waiting for us with a car
that was supplied by on of their supporters. We had a four nights free lodging
at a four star B&B on the beach in the resort town of Hermanus. Once there
we were able to spend a whole day with the owners who treated us to lunch
and dinner one night. We also were given four nights in a vacation home in
the town of Cape Agulhas. This is the most southern tip of Africa where the
Atlantic Ocean meets the Indian Ocean. We had a wonderful time where we
connected with the neighbors that were locals there who treated us to dinner
one night. We also traveled to a small fishing village where we met a
wonderful local lady who lived in a small house right on the beach. It turned
out that she was a Christian and has aspirations of being a missionary. It was
such a wonderful time. We relaxed took walks on the beach, talked, and just
had time for each other.

Children Growing Up:

Once again in order for us to go on the trip we needed someone to take care of the children. Well we found some people in the most unexpected place. The people we found were our own children. They stayed home all by themselves the whole time. We did have missionaries
check in on them. Every report we received from the missionaries commented on how our children exceeded their expectations. They said they kept the house clean and even cooked dinner for several of them when they would come to check on them. The boys also took great care of their baby sister. They found rides into town when they needed to do shopping. The only thing that we got on them about is how they felt the need to eat steak for almost every meal; completely wiping out our supply of meat. We blame Judah mostly for this.

Regarding our children we are also at the point where we are seriously discussing a plans for our two older boys. We may be sending them back to the states as early as next year. The Lord has made some potential connections where we might be able to get Judah into a private
prep-school in Mississippi where Judah can pursue his football dream. This connection also said he would also help source out a place for Beracah to finish his last year of school. Right now Beracah is not sure what he wants to do. He seems to excel in history and he has a high
interest in military strategy. So, we are praying that whatever he decides that it is completely directed by the Lord.


What can we say we love our mission school students. They have
walked through numerous trials and tribulations. They have experienced
loss of siblings, and other close family members and numerous other
unspeakable tragedies. If there were ever reasons to give up and quit
they would have been justified in doing so. Their call has truly been
tested and they have risen out of the ashes. When you look at them
now you see smiles, laughter, love and passion. All of which has been
put into practice in ministry.


Our students also had the opportunity to go through a wonderful week
long course called Karios. It is an intensive missions course that goes 8
to 9 hours a day for six days. It was an intense course but everyone of
the students said that it was life changing. The main focus was seeing
how the Bible is all about missions from Genesis to Revelations as well
as studying missionaries of the past. They were challenged and

Vision for ministry men of peace and relationships:

We have trained them so when they go into the villages they need not
go in and try to start a church but to look for a man or woman (person of
the same gender) of peace that they can build relationships with and
disciple. This is their starting point; make disciples through relationship.
This is how the ministry will be founded and grow. We have also given
them some tools to use such as: through one-to-one discipleship books,
and how to take someone from “Creation to Christ”. Once again these
precious students have taken hold of this with passion. We have one
student that meets with one man every Sunday morning at 3am for
discipleship. These students also go into one of the worst parts of town
three times of week to disciple people with whom they have developed
relationships. Through these wonderful relationships they have earned
the privilege of being invited into homes to start home groups and
ministries in these homes. Just the other day a man that was discipled
by one of our students requested that some of the students come to his
house and he will gather the people that live around him to come and
be taught and discipled by the students. The harvest is truly ripe here.
We no longer call Africa a place of need but the place of great potential.


I, Michael have had the wonderful experience of having a
renewed passion in ministering in our local community and
leading our small precious fellowship of believers here in
Lobatse. With the help of the students we have had the privilege
of reaching some immigrants to Botswana in practical and
spiritual ways. We planned a nice meal for them at our fellowship
and after we all ate well an extemporaneous time of praise broke
out. There was dancing singing, rejoicing and laughter. I then
had the pleasure to share a brief message on true joy. It was
truly a joyous time. Since this time around 15 to 20 of these men
have been coming to our fellowship. These men are the invisible
people of Lobatse. Everyday the stand at the street corners
hoping to get some type of scrap work. Often they are passed by
and not even seen, but God has open our eyes and we have
been given the wonderful privilege of ministering to them. It truly
has been a joy.

God in His graciousness reminded us once again that
the basics are still the best way forward in ministry. Know Him to
love Him, Make Him known by loving others; so, they can know
Him and love Him and become His disciples. Which brings me to
the next point: It is all about discipleship. “Go and make disciples
of all nations”. We have been hammering all of our students and
missionaries to build relationships and through those
relationships we proclaim the Gospel & makes disciples (men
and women in love with God and with people). It has been a
beautiful sight to see. Doors are flying open in numerous areas
and with numerous people groups.

Things to pray about:

• On June 22nd a six year old boy in our church was hit by a car. The parents are faithful members of the fellowship. They are originally from Zimbabwe, so their family support is non-existent. As soon as this terrible incident happened the mother of the child called Heather. Heather and I rushed to the scene where we found the mom in utter distress. We took her to the local hospital where they worked on stabilizing him to be transferred to a hospital in the
capital city. The husband had been transferred to another town by his employer so, we called him to let him know what happened. It broke my heart to tell him this horrifying news. Once he arrived in Lobatse I took him to Gaborone (Our Capital). I was horrified to see that this hospital was no better than our local one. People were on gurneys in the waiting area. There was only one doctor on call and he did not even know the name of the respirator machine. He even admitted that there was only one doctor that knew how to use “these big machines” on children. He phone this doctor and we waited at least two and half hours for him to arrive. Long story short, this precious little boy is in intensive care with a head injury. He has two blood clots on the
brain that need to be surgically removed. They are not able to do this until the swelling goes down. He is improving a bit but we can’t really res until they are able to remove the clots because they are life threatening. Please, pray with us for God’s healing hand to touch the precious little boy and bring complete healing. His name is Tadiwa.

• Our finances for personal ministry and the mission ministry: Once again we seemed to make it month to month. We are falling a little behind but miraculously extra funds seem to come just in the nick of time. Also, most of the students we take in our school are taken in at the missions cost. Many of us missionaries chip in some occasional support as we receive for them as well. The difficult part is that once the finish their classroom studies they do a six month practical. When they are out on their practical we give them a stipend to live on. So, when the next group of course study students come we the mission are paying for them as well as those out in the field. We do try to have the students at least contribute something. A few do but it is not nearly
enough. We believe that God wants us to train them so we do. I guess the best way to pray is for the Lord’s ongoing provision and wisdom for us in selecting students to come to be trained.

• Children: Even though we have been here for over six years it is still a struggle for our kids. They are lonely and miss out on sporting activity and other things that kids their age do. They are also struggling with homeschooling. The novelty wore off about two years ago. It has been a stressful time for the kids and my wife. Please, pray for peace and God’s sovereign plan to be carried out in these issues.