Thursday, August 10, 2006


Dear Prayer partners - we just wanted to get a few requests out to you before we miss the opportunity to have you be a part of them..

Again - we are experiencing a lot of death. Three friends died while we were away - and 8 more people (three were babies) connected to our mission in some way - have died in the last 3 weeks we have been home. It is very difficult at times. We do recognize, that with these deaths, comes an opportunity for us to be God's hands, feet, voice and touch of comfort. We know, too, that we have been comforted by Him, so that He may use us to comfort others. We have an amazing story that we will save for our next newsletter to tell you about.

Our mission - Love Botswana Outreach Mission - has been presented with some awesome opportunities. We have been asked - because of our involvement in the prison ministry to provide some Bible training for the prison's chaplains! Also, just yesterday, Michael was invited to speak on "The Value of Life" at a rally for young people that the police department is holding THIS Saturday. Please pray about that. We get plenty of persecution from certain groups because we are Christians - however, we receive so many open doors for ministry. What a trade-off. It is worth it.

One more thing before I close this short note - we have received a GREAT honor. Last night a husband and wife that are in our Bible School came up to Michael and said they had a present for us in their car. Michael went to the car - and guess what was there?! .. A huge male goat! Alive! What an honor for us to be given this gift - a symbol of wealth for the Batswana people. We feel very loved and blessed. So, the goat spent the night and morning on our porch so we could protect it from all the dogs on the plot! The boys wanted to name him "Earl" - we said they could name him "Stew"!... Just kidding about the second part - as far as the name goes. We told them that they shouldn't name him since God blessed us with him to be eaten - not as a herd starter for more goats!

This afternoon, Michael had the chance to learn from two other Bible school students how to slaughter, skin, and prepare for us to take to the butcher. Goats and cows represent the wealth of the people of Botswana, so it is a great privilege to be given such a gift. By the way, Charissma had seen plenty of goats from a far, but when it was on our porch - whew! She was terrified of it!

Anyway - we love you all and appreciate your prayers. You should have received a newsletter from us at the very beginning of July via email - if you did not please let me know.

Heather, Michael, and the Fam

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