Monday, May 08, 2006


1. Please pray for our boys as when begin to prepare to go back to Botswana. Life in the states is so much more convenient. We are praying that they will not have a difficult time leaving it all behind again.
2. Financial Needs: It is our goal to head back to Botswana with at least $6000 in our bank account. This will take care of our children's school fees, housing, as well as travel from South Africa to Maun, Botswna.
3. The sale of our mini-van. We still owe $4000 on it and would loved to be free from this monthly payment before we leave.
4. Continued safe travel and health.
5. Please pray that we will stay open to ministry opportunities that present themselves with the people we come in contact with on each leg of our Journey.
Special Thank you to all our host homes:
Rod and Pam Underwood
Vanna Walker and Family
Paul and Margret Gleckler and family
Dick and Dora Gilmore
Bruce and Louise Williams(Mom & Dad)
Mike and Kathleen Hale
Paul Wallace
Thank you all for who have given us special gifts. Those unexpected gifts really encourage us. It seems that each time it has been something that we had been praying for.
Please remember that we are all in this together.

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Freddie's Tribe said...

Hi Walker Family,

I don't know what is proper to put in the prayer center, but we have a friend Freddie who has a beautiful wife and baby girl who has been diagnosed with lymphoma. If there is a spare moment for a Freddie prayer, he would recieve it.