Tuesday, May 09, 2006

*We're Making Rounds - 4/30/06

Hi ALL!!

Guess what?! We are in the US! All SIX of us! God is so good – and if you are in a difficult situation and tempted to think that it is too big for God, email me back and let’s have tea or coffee – because we have seen God do great things. We are so grateful.

The jet lag has been kicking our tails – but other than that our first week has been spent with family. We spent ONE night with Mike’s Mom and sister and then drove 8 hours to a Easter family reunion for Heather’s side. On good Friday – the day after we arrived in country – we headed out. Michael did a great job, since he immediately had to drove on the wrong side of the road! J The breaks went out of the van we were in – but God provided a gas station with a brake place across the street – open on Good Friday? Michael bought the brakes at an auto zone and the guy put them in 30 minutes and charged us only $35! What a bargain. J

We only just now figured out our outlook – which is why it has taken us a week to let you know we are here. We are so appreciative of your prayers. We look forward to seeing many of you and being an encouragement to your churches.

Thank you so much to those of you that have generously given so that we can all be here. We hope to thank you all personally. We will write more later – but just wanted you to know – we are here! OH! Hallelujah! Also – for those of you wondering: Obviously, we were granted the visa for Charissma (with a LITTLE of reservation on the US Embassy side in Botswana), but we did not have ONE BIT of trouble leaving the country with here so entering the US. No one quizzed us. They said nothing as we crossed the border – they said nothing as we flew out. And when we came in the US side – immigration asked us if we needed more months on her visa! How is that for service!? We assured him that we do not because we are returning to Botswana in 3 months.

If you have not received an itinerary yet – and you have asked for one – I am so sorry – please email us and let us know. We are going to make the itinerary a little more specific and get it out to you all by this weekend.

Trusting HIM for all things,
The Walker Gang


The Walker Family said...

hi how are you all.
We love you.

rodger said...
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Rod Underwood said...

dohttHey All,,,, Rod U. here. Wanted to say don't miss the blessing of having the Walkers come by, while they are in the States. It is not often we get to hear how life is in other parts of the world, and trust me,,, God is using Mike and Heather in profound ways. They stayed with us for a week and a half in Virginia and it was an awesome time for us and Hope Christian Fellowship. I was the champ in Bocci Ball........ Really? Got to go to dinner... I'll be backkk....

The Walker Family said...

I would like to thank Rod for his comments however, I do need to correct one mistake. The only Bocci ball championship that he won is in his mind.